Team Training

Sport-Specific Team Training

Designed to minimize injury while improving power, strength and speed

Our team of physiotherapists and trainers will help your team realize their full potential while protecting your players. Focusing on fundamental strength, power skill development, reaction, quickness, agility, athletic posture and muscular balance, we incorporate sport specific exercises and drills to maximize efficiency and increase performance.

Personal or Small Group Training

Offered to athletes looking to supplement their sport with a specific strength & conditioning program, whether they are in-season or off-season. This program is for athletes who play a competitive sport (ie. soccer, hockey, tennis, rugby, etc.) where strength & conditioning can benefit their performance.

On-Field Training

Looking to improve your strength, speed, acceleration and conditioning before this year’s soccer season? Kick has a specific strength and conditioning program for soccer players to help you get the season started right. Training includes strength & conditioning drills and warmup & cooldown principles.

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