Donjoy Defiance Knee Brace

Donjoy Defiance Knee Brace

The Defiance is the only brace proven to protect the ACL. Research indicates that during exercise, this brace significantly decreases ACL strain for anteriorly directed loads.

Features and Benefits:

  • 4-Points-of-Leverage System provides ligament stability
  • Swooping thigh cuff for inner thigh clearance and bilateral brace use
  • Anti-Migration Band anchors on the upper calf enhancing brace suspension
  • Custom fabricated based on patient measurements or cast mold
  • Supra Condyle Pad to promote brace suspension
  • Swiveling strap tabs to accommodate leg movement
  • Flexion and extension control
  • Strong, lightweight carbon composite frame
  • ACL, PCL or Combined Instability strap configurations
  • High strength stainless steel gears
  • Standard or short frames available
  • Backed by the DonJoy Knee Guarantee


Use the DonJoy Defiance for:

  • ACL/PCL injuries
  • Meniscus repairs
  • Tendonitis and bursitis
  • Patellofemoral dysfunction 


Accessories (not included):

  • Impact guard
  • Power caps
  • Calf pinch guard
  • Swivel strap tabs
  • Anti-migration band
  • Neoprene or lycra undersleeve
November 24, 2021
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