Aircast A2 Wrist Brace

Aircast A2 Wrist Brace

Syndrome, or post-operation.  The brace allows full movement of the fingers while restricting the movement of the wrist.  The purpose of the AIRCAST is to control and immobilize the wrist to allow for rapid healing.  The adjustable straps, contoured shape and breathable material ensure a unique and comfortable fit.  It is fast and easy to apply and can be worn during most daily activities.

The Aircast A2 wrist brace can be used for:

General wrist protection
Wrist strains/sprains
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Wrist ligament instability
Post operation

Post-removal of casting/splinting of the wrist

Features and Benefits:

Dual removable stabilizers located above and below the hand
Allows full finger dexterity
Cool and dry breathoprene material
Available with thumb spica to hold thumb securely in place
Custom fit
Latex free
November 24, 2021
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