Personal Training

Personal Training in Vaughan

Designed to improve posture, strength and flexibility

Kick Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine Inc. provides a variety of specialized physical therapy and sports-related programs designed to help you correct muscle imbalances, enhance performance and prevent injury.
Balance Retraining Program
Energize your postural awareness and reactivity. Our Balance Retraining Program will challenge your hips, knees, feet and core in every direction possible.


Sport Specific Training & Exercise
Tell us your sport and we will develop an exercise program specific to your needs.


Core Stability Program
This is the grass roots program at Kick Physiotherapy. We will teach you how to engage the appropriate musculature to activate your lumbar stabilizing structures.


Agility Training
Maximize your speed and performance on the field through specific, sport-specific agility drills.


Hockey Movement Screen
One of our progressive programs geared towards recreational and competitive hockey players. Your assessment will include movement analysis, lifting technique, foot biomechanics, lower extremity biomechanics, musculoskeletal exam with video analysis throughout.


Runner’s Comprehensive Assessment
This is perhaps Kick’s most impressive specialized program geared towards recreational and competitive runners. Your assessment will include foot biomechanics, running shoe assessment, lower extremity biomechanics, training regime overview, injury assessment (as needed), nutrition assessment and Dartfish video analysis.