Our Concept

Advanced Physiotherapy in Vaughan

Kick Physiotherapy brings individualized treatment to the city of Vaughan. We are fully committed to your health and well-being.

Kick offers advanced therapy and strength training. Our concept is based on Applied Functional Science — a model for sport specific training.

“At Kick Physiotherapy, we treat every client as an athlete.”

Furthermore, we believe that your body is your most important piece of equipment. We provide treatment and programming specific to your needs. Also, we believe “elite athletes” should not be the only people receiving “elite level of care”. We treat every client as an athlete!

“We respect that you are a unique individual and treat you as such.”

From the time of birth, your body has met different stressors. Each cell in your body moves in a direction related to stress. Stressors include activity, weight and gravity. At Kick Physiotherapy Vaughan, we understand that your body deserves individualized treatment.