Custom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics in Vaughan

Kick Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine Inc. proudly offers custom orthotics fitting in the city of Vaughan.
Our prescription orthotics gently reduce strain associated with pressure points, and muscle tension. We make our custom orthotics with 100% memory thermoplastic, available in 1mm, 2mm, 3mm and 3.5mm thicknesses.
At Kick PSM, we use plaster cast exclusively.
The plaster cast method is the most accurate method for designing orthotics. We take a plaster cast of your foot while you are lying down so that no weight is exerted through your feet during the process. This enables the cast to most accurately represent your ideal foot position, and the orthotic is then manufactured from this plaster impression. We also take specific measurements  to make modifications to your orthotic based on your specific foot type and function. All podiatrists use the plaster cast method due to the superior features and accuracy of this process.


At Kick, we take special care in fitting and designing a custom insert specific to your foot type, shoewear, biomechanics, body type, injury, activity and lifestyle. Our competitive advantage is that we understand the functional requirements of your sport or daily activity.


The Kick Line of Sport Specific Orthotics


Running Orthotics
The Runflex orthotic allows for increased shock absorption and greater directional control for athletes on the run. Best Suited For: Athletes who require superior shock absorption during running activities.


Hockey Orthotics
Skateflex provides comfort for athletes during their time on the ice. Best Suited For: Hockey players or figure skaters that need an orthotic for their skates.


Dance Orthotics
An orthotic for women who require support in their narrow high heel pump shoes or in their dance shoes. Best Suited For: Women wearing high heel shoes or pumps.


Golf Orthotics
The EagleFlex provides comfort and support while walking the golf course. Best Suited For: Golfers who require support in their shoes while on the course.


Skiing Orthotics
 The Skiflex ensures greater control while on the slopes or on the trails. Best Suited For: Downhill or cross country skiers that require extra support in their ski boots.


Most Sports
A generic sport orthotic for athletes and other active patients who require increased biomechanical control while on their feet. This orthotic prevents sport or workplace related injuries by protecting against pressure and impact shock. Best Suited For: Patients involved in moderate impact activities at play or work who require support in their athletic shoes or work boots.